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innovaTel does not provide care directly to patients. If you are a patient looking for psychiatric services, please contact a local provider in your area. If this is an emergency, please call 911.

Why innovaTel? With our community mental health center roots, we know what’s important. 

Continuity of Care: Dedicated clinicians that your team interviews and chooses.

Eliminate Clinician Turnover: innovaTel has a 95% clinician retention rate, in five years of operations, 95% of clinic partners have had the same clinician on their team.

Only Interview the Best: innovaTel is extremely selective with the clinicians we hire, hiring less than 15% of clinicians applying to join our team.

Commitment to Quality:
 innovaTel is currently the first and only company exclusively focused on telepsychiatry to earn Clear Health Quality Institute Accreditation. 

Efficient Workflows: All providers are trained in concurrent documentation and will work in your electronic medical record. The goal is to mirror your existing workflows, the only difference is the provider is connecting virtually.

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innovaTel is the only clinician owned and operated telepsychiatry company that grew out of a community mental health center. Because our roots are working in community mental health, we have a deep understanding of the challenges associated with recruiting and retaining quality psychiatrists. 

Telepsychiatry is crucial for meeting the need for behavioral healthcare in America.There is an overwhelming need for psychiatrists due to the shrinking workforce and increasing demand for mental healthcare.

It’s crucial that we leverage the number of active psychiatrists and telepsychiatry is able to do just that.

Telepsychiatry is the future of mental health care and innovaTel is bringing expert care to the masses through their partnership with organizations throughout America.

Thanks to innovaTel, we are able to bridge-the-gap to meet the significant need. innovaTel has the DNA to ensure patients receive the care they need in a meaningful way.

The Honorable

Patrick J. Kennedy

In many systems of care, the uncertainty and expense of recruitment and retention of psychiatry providers keeps executives up at night, but perhaps in no setting more so than in resource challenged community mental health centers. innovaTel basically solves that problem. Even if they have some turnover, they guarantee that they will provide the agreed upon FTE. 

innovaTel providers are professional, efficient, flexible, and strive to be team players. Not only are our customers overwhelmingly positive about telepsychiatry, at Central Minnesota Mental Health Center we could not be more pleased with the quality of care our customers receive from them and for the administrative headaches they have cured for us. I highly recommend them! innovaTel has elevated the quality of care in Community Mental Health Centers.

Rick Lee, PhD | Executive Director

Central Minnesota Mental Health Center